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Is this you?   Are you a frazzled mom who longs for bedtime at the end of a looooooooong day filled with “Mommy mommy mommy mommy Mommy mommy mommy mommyMommy mommy mommy mommyMommy mommy mommy mommyMommy mommy mommy mommyMommy mommy mommy mommyMommy mommy mommy mommy”…..

You aren’t alone!!

But there is something you can do about it…   its called a night out!!   Research has shown that parents who take time to go out sans the adorable little rug rats, are 1000000 times happier than moms parents who don’t.

Ok, I totally made that up, I don’t think anyone would actually do such an obvious study – am I wrong?   Send me a note or write to Sonoma County Web Design, would love to hear about it.

In any case, you need a night out!

But childcare is expensive and your in laws wouldn’t hold up to THIS kind of craziness


What do you do?

If you aren’t blessed to live in a neighborhood filled with eager pre-teens or educated college students looking for a nannying position, it can be next to impossible to find someone you trust to leave the lovely little monsters with.   There are sites on the web such as Sittercity and who have done all the hard stuff for you (wouldn’t it be nice if there were sites for all areas of motherhood like that?) – they can basically print you off a report of all the Mary Poppins’s who live in your area, who are just itching to play with and love on your little sweetie pies.

Now I know what you’re thinking, you’ve got a wallet full of those cut out coupons from the sunday papers, what if there was a coupon you could cut out to use on a website???   Well you can’t physically cut it out to use it (I guess if you’re like my son who prints and cuts up everything he finds online, then you technically could), but we’ve found some Sittercity promo codes you can use on the Sittercity website to save some big bucks off of the membership price.   It may not be free, but its pretty darn close.   And thats pretty darn sweet.


Now go clean yourself up, comb the peanut butter out of your hair and get that crayon out of your bra, and give yourself a night out girlfriend, you deserve it!!!





Written by: on Jun 2, 2020

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