Checking References for a Potential Babysitter

check-references-300x2201References are a must when you are hiring a potential babysitter or nanny.  After all, you are leaving your most precious possessions in the care of the individual you choose!  If a reference recently employed a babysitter or nanny they share your concerns for quality care, and as a result, they are generally eager to help out a fellow parent in need.

Here’s a list of questions to help in your conversation with references:

You should call as many references as possible, especially if you are serious about a candidate. If she doesn’t supply a previous employer as a reference, proceed with caution and find out why that is the case. Some situations do end on a bad note, but this does not automatically reflect negatively on her. Be on guard for signs of a pattern of performance or attitude problems which account for poor relations with previous employers.

Written by: on Jul 16, 2012

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