How to Hire the Right Sitter

babysitterIf you are considering having somebody come into your house to look after your children when you are out, then you will realize what an important decision this is. Not only are you trusting someone with your own children, you are also trusting them in your house as well. Therefore it is very important that you very carefully select the person that you are going to use for this and make sure that you look into every aspect of the process really well. This article explains each step of the process and will help you ensure that you employ the correct person to do this very important job for you.

There are websites on which babysitters will advertise their services. However, looking through numerous advertisements to try to find the person that will suit you can be both time consuming and mind numbing. Therefore it is a better idea to post up your own advertisement and let people contact you. If you do it via a website then make sure that the site performs a background check on the applicants, and check out the terms and conditions that the potential sitters have to sign up to. This will help you be sure that they will fulfil your criteria. Once you have had a good amount of responses, be ruthless and leave yourself with a list of the top ten candidates. If you have a bigger shortlist than this then you task can become unmanageable. Select this list according to how well they match up to the requirements that you asked for in your job advertisement. Before you shortlist them, visit their profile so you can check out their qualifications and experience.

You are unlikely to have the time to be able to interview as many as ten potential babysitters. Therefore you will need to cut this list down further. The easiest way to do this will be to read reviews that other parents have given on these people. Remember that sometimes a clash of personality can cause someone to get a bad score, but if someone has several bad reviews it is likely that there is truth in them.

You should now have been able to reduce your list a little further. The next step is to make sure that they have had a completed background check. If they haven’t you can do this yourself by using a site like LexisNexis which will only cost you $14.99 to do a full check. This is essential for your peace of mind and is a small price to pay to feel happy that your child is going to be well looked after. Sittercity has integrated this into their website so you don’t have to do any complicated searches to find out where and how to do this.

Once you have done this and are happy with your remaining candidates it is time to do your interviews. Make sure you have a list of questions prepared in advance and ask these questions to every candidate to make it easier to compare them. Make sure you ask them relevant questions for the job. You should include your children in the interview so they can see if they like the candidates. They way the potential sitter interacts with your children should also help you decide whether they are suitable for the position. If they can’t handle the children while you are around you should be very worried about what will happen when you are gone.

Ask your children what they think, you won’t want them to be upset with your decision and not happy with the person who is looking after them when you are gone. You aren’t going to be able to enjoy yourself unless you know the children are relaxed and happy with the care provider.

You should now have two or three top choices. To decide between them check their references and make sure that their previous employers were happy with their work. You can find details of these on websites such as Sittercity or and you can phone up or email them and ask questions to find out how they were rated.

Hopefully all of these tips will mean that you will end up with a friendly but trustworthy babysitter who you can feel happy about leaving your children with!

Written by: on Jul 16, 2012

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