Sittercity Promo Codes for June 2020

We’ve scoured the web and negotiated like the pros (that priceline guy ain’t got nothin on us), and we’re proud to present the latest and greatest, best coupons and promo codes that Sittercity has to offer for Tue, 02 Jun 2020 22:51:32 +0000 Tue, 02 Jun 2020 22:51:32 +0000 – if you want to save, this coupon is the one you need.

[coupon name=”spring40″ id=”10″]

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We’re on our toes, ready to update these codes as needed – find a sittercity code that  has stopped working?   Please let us know!

So you aren’t going to get Sittercity for free with these (we’ll keep trying, but we have a feeling they aren’t going to go for it), but we are proud to offer the steepest savings that Sittercity has to offer.   You’ll save mucho dinero on your membership and monthly costs.   If you know you’re going to need a sitter regularly (and ahem, who doesn’t), you’ll save even more if you go with a longer term/annual plan.   Since they already discount the annual plan so much (over the monthly plan), the coupon will only save you 25%, but its still some pretty sweet savings.   Feel free to try out a trial membership and see how great the sitters are in your area – and fall in love with your spouse once again (now that you can actually get out and be adults without your precious little rug rats hanging on your pants once in awhile!)


Ok, so most people don’t even read this far as coupons are easy peasy to use…  but for those of you who have been on a mission in the congo for the last 20 years and are back and finally looking to get a night out, here is how you use these things we call “coupon codes”:

1.  Use your mouse or trackpad (ok, ok, that was just condescending), and click one of the coupons above (see the big giant “click here” section) to be taken directly to – this will open in a new window for you.   Also, like magic, the coupon code will automatically copy to your clipboard, so not further copying is require (we are cool like that).

2.  Figure out which membership you want (go for the year, you know you’ll be hooked once you start getting out a little!) – but for those of you who aren’t yet convinced, you can choose Annual, Monthly, or a free weekly trial (for you super couponers out there).




2.  Now here is the magic – there is some tiny, obscure text below the membership boxes that reads “Enter a promo code” – its almost as if they don’t want you to use a coupon – does it make you feel kind of sly and stealthy??




2.  Once you click the “Enter promo code” link, a text box will open up – simply type ctrl +V for you geeky types, or right click and click “paste” for you slightly less geeky types, or for totally non web savvy people like my mom, go up to the window links at the top of your browser and click Edit > Paste.   The code should appear just like magic, into the coupon code box.




3.  Click apply and make sure the coupon savings are updated in the pricing boxes:



4.  Complete the rest of the buy process entering in your address, billing, payment info – I think you can take it from here (I hope).

5.  Finally, the sweetest part of the whole deal, come back and drop us a line and tell us how awesome we are for saving you…   well enough bucks the maybe your first night out is “on us”???    Be sure to click the little thumbs up/down on the coupon boxes above so we can keep our sittercity promo codes hot and ready, just like Little Caesars.

Happy Saving Peoples!!!


Written by: on Feb 6, 2014

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